Frequently Asked Questions

I have children at different schools. Can l use the same download?

Yes, if you are the caregiver for children from the same address you only need the one download.  Please quote the same reference number.

How do l know if my school has been added the register, and how do l know how many requests have been received for my child’s school?

When you have sent your HOC the WIFI letter to your children’s school Principal and cced in HOC the WIFI, you will receive confirmation of being added to the register.  The confirmation will confirm how many requests have been registered for your school.  You will receive 3 monthly updates for the number of requests received for your school.

My child has been diagnosed with EHS, l would like this acknowledged by my child’s school and HOC the WIFI.

Please attach a letter from your child’s doctor to your email, along with the HOC the WIFI formal request to your school Principal, remember to CC in HOC the WIFI, the diagnosis will noted at HOC the WIFI.

I have not received my confirmation from HOC the WIFI.

Please check you have CCed in HOC the WIFI, if not please resend to your child’s School Principal and CC in HOC the WIFI.

Take action and register your concern

Let Your School know you would like a precautionary approach and education program at your school

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